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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Granville,TN Heritage Day Car Show May 26, 2012

Car Show in Granville, TN on May 26, 2012

This is a part of the Granville Heritage Day & sponsored by Wilson County Bank. I took both my 1999 Mustang GT and our 2010 Camaro SS

Below are the classes that we entered the cars in and the competition.

Classification 26 (Cars 2002-present-all)

Cars that showed up.

2007 Charger SRT (Green)
2008 Challenger SRT (orange)
2009 Challenger SRT (Grey)----------Tie for 1st
2013 cts v coupe (Diamond)---------2nd place
2012 Camaro SS (Black)-------------Tie for 3rd place
2007 Corvette
2007 Corvette
2009 Corvette
2012 Corvette
2009 Corvette
2010 Corvette------------Tie for 3rd Place
2008 Corvette
2009 Corvette
2008 Corvette
2007 Corvette
2008 Corvette
2008 Shelby GT 350
2008 Roush 428 (Black)
2008? GT500 (same one from the "Kars for Kids" that's all decked out with a Kenny Bell blower and racing stickers)
2010 Camaro SS (Brand X)----------Tie for 1st place

Run down of the show

Last year they had 278 cars. They announced it was 247 cars this year. For the most part, its a pretty good show and I may go back again. It just seems to be one of those years....where its either going to rain out a show, or...its going to be 98 degrees. Yesterday was one of those days. It just kept getting hotter as the day went on.

Classification 25 (Cars 1988-2001-all)

1997 Pontiac Firebird (3rd)
2001 Prowler (1st)
1999 Mustang GT---me-------(2nd)
1997 Cobra

Apparently I missed something on mine. When I checked out the prowler...I didn't see anything that would have made me worry. That's the way it goes..........

Now in Brand "X"'s category. I was really sweating 3 of the Corvettes and one of the Challengers. Turns out, only one of the three Corvette's that I was worried about even placed and the Challenger that had me worried.....wasn't the one that tied for first.

If it wouldn't have been so hot. I would have walked to town where all of the good events were happening. Maybe next year (if I go again) I'll make it over to the downtown celebration.

As for the other cars at the show. I seen a few of the usual suspects that we all see. But, I seen a lot of cars that I had never seen at shows and a few cars that I had never heard of. This show had the most..."Older Classics" then any show I've attended. One car that comes to mind...was an old "Marlin". Maybe I've lived a sheltered life...but, I never knew any car had been put into production called a "Marlin". That's an example of some other cars at the show.

Here is our 2010 Camaro

Here is our 1999 Mustang GT

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