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Friday, August 24, 2012

5th Annual Crossway Baptist Church Car Show - Murfreesboro, TN - Aug. 25, 2012

Review Coming Soon by Tina Thompson:

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*Aug 25th 5th Annual Car Show at Crossway Baptist Church  

4194 Shelbyville HWY(231) 

Registration 9am-noon 
Registration fee $20
awards around 2:30pm
50 classes each class 1st,2nd and 3rd with 6 top trophies

Called for information today (8/24/12):  I wanted to find out what class options were available for my 2010 Camaro SS.  The person who answered the phone did not know what the classes were.  I was told that I would have to show up to find out and  that everyone who comes will get a trophy.  We will see if this is accurate....LOL...I guess I will clean up my car tonight.

door prizes,raffle,swap meet,food vendors

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

10th Annual Central TN Classic Chevys Open Car, Truck & Tractor Show in Dickson, TN - August 18, 2012

10th Annual Central TN Classic Chevys 

Open Car, Truck & Tractor Show 

Dickson, TN 

August 18, 2012

Show Summary

Participants: 150+

Classes:  55 (Classes with 8 or more are split)

Awards: Plaques with a custom picture of the participant in his or her car

Specialty Awards: Trophies, Best Paint Trailered Original/Modified, Best Paint Driven Original/Modified, Best Engine Trailered Original/Modified, Best Engine Driven Original/Modified, Best Interior Trailered Original/Modified, Best Interior Driven Original/Modified, Trailered Best of Show, Driven Best of Show, Club Participation Award, Dickson County Saddle Club Award

Registration: 8 am – 12 pm/$20.00 for first car (preregistration)/$25.00 day of show for 1st car, $15.00 for 2nd car

Judging: Drive-Through Style at Participant’s Discretion, Concourse Style (Point System)
Dash Plaques:  1st 100 entries

Special Events:  Cash Drawings $1500.00, 50/50 Drawing, Swap Meet, Concessions

Presented by:  Central Tennessee Classic Chevys Club

Heading out to Dickson, TN on an early Saturday proved to be an easy task.  There was relatively no traffic, and we didn’t have any disastrous events.  We really didn’t have to leave too early; our cars were already clean from participating in the previous Saturday’s car show in Pegram, TN (Harvest Fields Baptist Church Car Show).  However, we really like dash plaques, and they were only giving them out to the first 100 entries. By now our collection is getting rather large.  Another car show means another chance to add another token of our car show infatuation to our assortment of little metal plates.

Dash plaques remind me of little gumball machines of the past.  I remember when I was a kid, I would stare at the prizes inside that little metal boxes lined up in groups of three or four at the grocery store.  I only had a quarter and had to make a decision of whether I wanted a handful of chicklets, a chance to win a watch or maybe a necklace, or possibly got a tattoo. I put the money in the slot and slowly turn the dial. . .  clickety, clickety, and then CLACK…With my hand below the spout, I waited for the gumball lottery machine to reveal itself.  With a thump, the little plastic egg found its way into my hand and  rewarded me with a well-deserved treat …or…I get the item I wanted least of all.  Dash plaques bring back that feeling for me because I never know what they are going to look like or what they will be made of, but I do know that I will be taking one home.

As usual, Toby led the way with the help of our Garmin GPS.  The talking box led us precisely to Dickson, TN with no fuss.  As we came through town, I noticed that we passed a little white sign pointing up a hill that said, “Car Show.”  I saw it, but apparently, Toby did not.  As we kept going down the street, I gave up on him figuring out we had gone too far and gave him a call.  He argued that he had not seen a Tractor Supply Store anywhere in sight.  The car show was supposed to be across from it.  After what seemed to be forever, he finally gave up and let me lead the way.

When we arrived at the sign, I really wanted to call and brag that I knew what I was talking about, but instead, I focused on the mission at hand . . . getting to the show.  We made a right turn and headed up a hill, down a nice winding road, and finally reached the crepe myrtle lined drive to the Dickson County Saddle & Bridle Club at Grab Creek Park.  The park was very picturesque, nestled at the bottom of a hill with a creek hidden among the trees that lined the park on three sides.  It was a car show peninsula.

We followed the well-maintained Saddle Club driveway to the Classification area.  We were greeted by members of the Central Tennessee Classic Chevys Club.  They asked year, make, and model of the car; wrote the number of the class on a post-it note, and directed us to find a parking place under the shade.  They made sure to let us know that we had plenty of time to get ourselves parked and clean up our cars.  The class I was given was number 5, Production 1996 – 2012.  Toby was in class 33, Modified Mustang 1974 - 2012. Even though this car show used drive-through judging, they provided everyone the opportunity to do some last minute clean up and detailing on the cars.  We were told that when we were ready, we could go register our cars and then participate in the drive-through judging.  All we had to do is mark our spots with our chairs so that no one else would claim them.

Once we parked, I unpacked our chairs, and Toby got started on his car cleaning routine.  He did my car first and moved on to his.  The picture below shows Toby with a new friend he met, Todd.  Todd is a Army National Guardsman who has recently returned from active duties overseas.  He was at the show with his Nissan 300ZX twin turbo.  He spent a while with us talking general car maintenance, modifications, and other car knowledge as well as sharing his experiences as a military man.  We could relate to his stories somewhat because Toby’s dad had been in the Army National Guard for many, many years.

Car care tip:  When cleaning especially dirty areas, Toby always wears gloves.  This keeps all of the grime from the brake dust off his hands and makes for a much easier clean up of his hands later.

The car show was packed with 150+ in attendance on this mostly sunny lower 80 degree day.  It looks like we were smart to get an early start so that we could snag one of the dash plaques.

There were many extremely well kept clean cars at this show.  Several cars were trailered in.  In fact, there may have been more trailered cars at this show than at any show I have attended so far.  This venue was perfect for trailered vehicles in that there was ample space for all of the extra parking needed for large trucks/trailers.  The specialty awards dedicated to this group of cars may have enticed more people to bring their cars out.  Below is a picture of the backfield where the trucks/trailers parked.

While Toby shined up his car, I took time to stroll up to the registration area.  Even though I was placed in class 5, I really wanted to be in class 22, Stock Chevy 1986 – 2012. When I tried to change my class, the nice ladies at the registration tables weren’t sure what to do.  After conferring with a member of the Chevys Club, they allowed me to change my car class and proceed to register Toby’s 1999 Mustang.  I guess I must have been distraught over the ordeal in changing my class because I ended up messing up on his.  I entered him into STOCK.  If you have seen his car before, you know that there is very little left on his car that is stock.  I put him in class 31, Stock Mustang 1974 – 2012.  Oops.

The facilities were very nice at this Saddle Club.  Probably some of the best I have seen. Registration was in a nice cooled building.  There were restrooms there, too – also cooled.  The concessions were on the left.  Take a look at the picture and notice that the porch wrapped around this building, and by the end of the day, it was packed with several participants enjoying the shade and the nice breeze from the several ceiling fans that hung overhead.

I must also say that I was extremely impressed by the landscaping of the area. It was well kept with greenery all around.  The whole grounds were wonderful.  This has to be one of the most relaxing car show events that I have attended in a while regarding the scenery. Gardening is my second favorite hobby next to car shows.

Drive-through judging was from 8:00 am to 12:00 noon.  The time was actually extended for a while so that everyone who arrived had time to clean on their cars before pulling up to the judging area. 

Judging went like this:  When you were ready, you entered either right or left.  Classes 1 – 30 were on one side, and 31 – 55 were on the other.  The process was easy: pull up, pop the hood and trunk, hand your registration sheet to one of the judges, wait, and then close up everything.   

One thing that I really liked about this show is that you were given the judging sheet to hold on to. It had all of the categories listed such as engine, chassis, trunk, etc.  Under those were the subcategories.  

Above we see an awesome race car custom built by students at East Hickman High School being judged. It is a 1987 Fox Body Mustang with a 434ci Windsor.  If  you haven’t seen this car yet, it is something to check out.  We saw it for the first time in Mount Pleasant, TN at the 5th Annual Classics in the Park Car Show.  All I can say is that I would love to take it down a drag strip one time.  I am sure it goes so fast that it leaves a layer of paint behind on the track. My poor little daily driver, a 2006 Mustang GT, wouldn’t stand a chance against it.

Below is a picture of the car that won first place in Class 23, Modified Chevy 1986 to 2012.  This car is a V6 Chevy Camaro with extensive modifications. Even the door panels have painted murals on them.  If you see this one at a show, really stop and take time to notice all of its modifications.  If you are not sure what is modified, come take a look at my extremely stock Camaro and compare.  The owner of this car has put a lot of time and money into his Imperial Blue Camaro making it his own.

This car show was just like Christmas. I felt like I was unwrapping presents all day long. After the judging, everyone was directed to drive around for a photo of your car while driving it.  Below, you can see one of the Classic Chevy Club members taking a snapshot of a C5 Corvette. What you can’t see is me drooling on the sidelines.

Walking back to my car, I saw a few vendors selling the usual car show swap meet kind of stuff.  My husband likes to call it “women’s what-knots,” but as you can see from the picture, there were men’s what-knots as well.  Just look at the cornholes for sale in the picture….

At any car show, one of my favorite things to do is to get to know other car enthusiasts.  The Nash below belongs to a retired air force gentleman who moved down here a few years back from Chicago, IL.  He had some neighbors build this car for him.  I am pretty picky when it comes to checking out a car, especially if it is blue.  This one was immaculate. If you are interested in it, it is beautiful and for sale.  The hard work is already done.  All you have to do is drive it.  I am sure he will be around at other car shows.

For those who have met me, I always seek out the Corvette people. I really want my next car to be a Grand Sport Corvette and I am always asking them questions about their cars.  Cross your fingers for me.  Here we have a 2006 Z06 Corvette.  If you are not familiar with this type of Corvette, I only have two words for you:  track car.  This car was built to run around tight corners quickly with ease.  The owner talked with us at length about his track day experiences.  He stated that it is a great day when he has a chance to burn up the tires and wear out the brakes.  This car, even though a little rough around the edges, is truly enjoyed by its owner.

I thought I would include a section dedicated to my favorite kind of paint:  FLAMES, FLAMES, and more FLAMES.

Here we have a show winner with a 90s model Ford Bronco decked in a Pink Panther theme.

Here is a great fender shot showing off the flames on a 70s model Stingray Corvette.

This challenger was trailered in. I personally don’t blame the owner for not driving it.  This car is fantastic.  Orange and yellow flames engulf this late model Dodge Challenger.  In fact, this car took home several awards today for Best Paint and Best of Show Modified.

Here is a close up of the East Hickman High School 1987 Mustang.
 It won first in its class.

Here we have a great example of shadow flames.

This was Toby’s favorite car at this show.
This super low, super modified car was extremely impressive.

At the end of the day we gathered for the awards presentation. It began with the 50/50 drawing, followed by the cash drawings of $100, $200.00, $300, and $500. As usual, we didn’t win.  The anticipation of winning was fun, though.  Below is a picture of the trophies for all of the “Best of Show” cars.  The trophies were rather impressive.  The largest ones looked to be about 4 feet tall. The class winners received plaques.  Although, Toby is not usually fond of plaques, he really liked the ones at this show. On each plaque was the picture of the owner in his or her car that was previously taken.  That made winning even more special.  Those who didn’t place still received their picture. No one left this show without a keepsake.

Below are a few pictures of some of the winners of the show:

This bearded gentleman below owns a 60s model Chevy Camaro that is beautifully done.   Here he is receiving one of the many trophies his car has won. Looking at his car it is obvious that the awards are well-deserved.

Here is another winner receiving her trophy.

Below are some shots of a few more cars at the show.  Maybe your car is one of them that caught our eye today.

To sum it up, the 10th Annual Central Tennessee Classic Chevys Open Car, Truck & Tractor Show was a huge hit.  I was pleasantly surprised from the time I got there until I left.  The day was relaxing and the landscape was fantastic.  I already have my calendar marked to be on the lookout for the next year’s show so that I can make another drive to the Dickson Co. Saddle & Bridle Club Park.  Maybe you will see me and my 2010 Aqua Blue Metallic Camaro SS there.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

19th Annual Wilson County Fair Car Show in Lebanon, TN - August 19, 2012

19th Annual Wilson County Fair Car Show 
Lebanon, TN 
August 19, 2012

by Tina Thompson

Show Summary

Participants: 258

Classes:  46

Awards: Trophies and Ribbons1st, 2nd, & 3rd for each class – only one winner for each

Specialty Awards: Trophies, Best of Show – Modified, Best of Show - Original 

Registration: 11 am – 2 pm/$15.00 for each car

Judging: Drive-Through Style at Registration, Concourse Style (Point System)

Dash Plaques:  1st 200 entries

Presented by:  MID-TN REGIONAL CAR CLUB in Lebanon, TN

Today was a great day for a car show.  The weatherman promised a day that would be mostly sunny with temps in the low to mid-80s, and he delivered.   Registration was scheduled from 11am – 2 pm. At 8:30 am Toby called to confirm the registration time and was told that six cars had already arrived.  We didn’t get as early a start as we had hoped, but finally our two-car caravan got underway and headed to Lebanon around 10:30 or so.  

On arrival, we realized that the attendees that decided to get an early start had the right idea.  The line was rather long.  Even though we had to wait, this proved to be a great advantage because we had time to wipe off some of the bugs that had decided to cross our paths on the way there.  This was especially important since this show was using drive-through judging.  The The Mid-TN Regional Car Club has a pretty good system for this.  As you are in line in your car, you are greeted by one of the Mid-TN Regional Car Club members with a clipboard and pen to fill out the paperwork.  Once you pull up to the registration area, you pop your hood and trunk.  While you are registering your car, the judging is done right then and there on the spot.  To make this process seamless and fast, the organizers set up three lanes for judging.  Below is a picture of the judging area a little later in the day when the bulk of the participants had already arrived.  True to the flyer, judging and registration lasted until 2 pm.

As expected with all Wilson Bank and Trust Car Shows, registration was a breeze.  We even made it in time to be one of the first 200 to receive a dash plaque.  Additionally, there was a bonus – a nice red, white, and blue participation ribbon for showing up.  This was a fun little reminder that we were at a fair, which was a far nicer reminder than the smell of farm animals that were housed next to the fairground fields.