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The River Church Cruise-In Car Show June 16, 2012

The River Cruise In Car Show review...............

Saturday turned out to be a pretty nice day for lounging around at this event. We only had a few moments during the day that seemed too hot to be out and we did get spit on by the rain one time but nothing major.

Registered cars were approximately 18

I'm not sure if this was the first year for this event or not. But, if they decide to grow the event.....they will need more space. While we only had 18 or so cars to show up. It would have only fit another 7-8 cars in the lower parking lot.....where they had directed everyone to park.

Registration was very simple and painless. Easy to see signs and they also had people at the entrance directing you where to drive. As we pulled in off of the highway, we drove up the hill. Stopped at the reregistration tent. Filled out a simple information card and drove back down the hill on the other side of the church. Down to the lower parking lot that had a front side view of the main road. They had people to help guide you while backing into a space......(that's always a nice treat). They only had two classes and a total of six trophies. The two classes were.....Motorcycle and Car/Truck. No judging at this event. It was 100% voting for crowds choice and then they had a "pastor choice" award. Upside to this event, it was absolutely registration fee. Door prizes in way of gift cards went on through the day for visitors of the event with a "car show" attendees door prizes that were handed out just prior to the trophies being awarded. The music for the day was...for the most part pleasant. They did mix up the playlist to a few things beyond "sock hop" and Elvis songs. At one time I was duped with one song. The announcer asked that we remove our hats for the national anthem. While I was in mid stride of wiping down the side of my car...I took off my hat. Stood up straight and then they played Lynyrd Skynyrd. Feeling like a total moron...I chuckled to myself and went back to wiping on my car. The concession stand was simple and very reasonably priced. I don't recall everything they offered on the menu but I do recall...they did not have hamburgers. However, they did have hot dogs and homemade ice cream. The hot dogs were good and from what I heard...the homemade ice cream was tasty also.

They had two inflatable slides there with one having a little pool at the bottom. The bathrooms were located inside the church at the top of the hill. But, the church had a nice double seater golf cart to transport folks up and down the hill.

While no one from got any trophies. Three of us did manage to take home gift cards from the event. Tim, Brett and myself got the win on those with a total cash value of $65 collectively.

It's official

I'm breaking out of my die hard intentful trophy winning spirit of only attending car shows with judging and trophies. Now added to my list....will be relaxing days at "show & shine" events...such as this one. That will have members of the garage in attendance. One could considered this event...more of an "SVT Garage" get together. We accounted for 1/3rd of the total turn out for the event.

With this being the 2nd event that had a good "SVT Garage" turnout. I feel that I was able to get to know everyone on more of a personal level, that went beyond a common interest of cars.

The line up of members in attendance were:






 (Came with Tim)

Brand X....Tina
 (Came with me)


We also had two "Honorary" members of the garage. Brett's fiance accompanied him. Bryan's wife also came out to spend the day with us. Both of which....provided even more opportunity to learn more about our garage members.

This was my first opportunity to check out the modifications done on ShelbyGT500 (Bryan) had performed to the GT500. I really dig the side louvers and "Shelby" accessory caps under the hood. The shifter knob does look a ton better in person then on the forum. I am now a big fan of the hood struts, after eye balling them on both Brayn's car and Steve's...this may be something I look into for the '99. I'm just going to have to see someone with them on a new edge. If they look as clean and factory as they do on those two cars...I'm definitely investing in a pair. I wait with much anticipation for seeing the radiator cover on Bryan's car. Hopefully, when I get a chance to see the radiator cover installed on Bryan's car...he will not bring the rain with him

It was a pleasure to meet SVTBrad (Brad) for the first time. Brad has a Lightning model truck with a very interesting back story. I encourage everyone to meet up with Brad. You must see what this truck has become after Brad acquired it, especially knowing he had to clean "growing moss" off of it. I would go into more detail on the truck but that would take away from the experience of seeing the Lightning and hearing the story in person. Also, keep an eye out for his dirty little secret lurking under the tonneau cover in the bed! Brad is a real sharp shooter...both figuratively and literally.

SteveStang10 (Steve)....arrived fashionably late. From what I understand...this is a little out of character for Steve...considering he really likes to get from point "A" to point "B" with much haste! As Tim pointed out in a previous post. We all got to actually confirm...Steve's car does in fact...have a top! However, with the top down on Steve's one can get bored of seeing how good that windscreen looks. Steve uses a very clever device to "prop" his hood up with. While he doesn't need one with the aftermarket hood struts installed.......He claims it is to prevent a hard gush of wind from slamming down the hood. I think we all know its to be used in the event he is recognized for taking home the "Big Dog" trophy at Mustang Mania. Gives him something to reach for to beat back the fans...or simply whip out to beat the competition. Knowing that Steve is always "walking tall".....I would feel secure attending any event with him even in the sketchiest of areas............

Cobra097 (Brett) manage to throw me off balance very early in the morning.......before the car show even started! I was traveling down highway 70 from 109. Headed to meet up with Bryan and Tim at Dunkin Donuts. When I was approached by what first appeared to be a sleek red Saleen...but, then I noticed a cobra badge in the grill and figured it was just a confused horse. I was quickly distracted by the driver flailing his arm out of the car....I soon realized it wasn't a confused Mustang trying to figure out if its a Saleen or a Cobra, but rather...a confused driver headed in the wrong direction. Apparently Brett was going to his fiance's house. While Brett was accomplishing this said task...he also manage to make me second guess my sense of direction....forcing me to rapidly fumble through my hand written address and double check my GPS directions....Thanks Brett!

I also learned that Brett and I have more in common then an admiration for the Saleen style new edge Mustangs. We also share the same taste in clothing apparel and how it should be worn. While...for most fashion critics...they would give Brett a free pass on his style. A few might consider my shared views of style to Brett's as inexcusable...for we don't share the same deficits in the reasoning behind our choose of clothing. It appears that for me.....simply having "Bad Taste" isn't a good enough reason. However, if you would like to know why Brett also feels that wearing plaid shorts and sporting a pair of dress socks pulled up to his knees should be excepted for public will have to meet up with Brett at an event and gather under the tent.

Last but certainly not least....the ring leaders of our "Motley Crew". Tim and Kim were in high spirits as usual. Even after meeting both of them numerous times prior to this event. I am still learning new things about each. For example, I was able to learn....Kim actually has a bit of "antisocial" tendencies and a phobia of people setting to close.....HA! (told you I would get that one in....) Tim is quickly becoming the groups "MacGyver"...whipping off his belt in a dier time of need to strap the tent to a pole for wind stability. Even with Kim's social anxiety....she does have passion in her heart for the tiniest of creatures. We all took a moment of silence, to mourn the passing of a squirrel......that had successfully crossed over to the other side with Tim's help on the drive up to the event.

As you can make out from the Shows review. The day turned into something beyond a general cruise in. It become an SVT Garage gathering of members. For me, those members are quickly becoming more then a "profile" that I've come to know from various postings on the site. all are becoming my friends that are no longer categorized by user names. Getting to know each of you beyond a "cyberspace social media" becoming a truly joyful experience.

I will most certainly go back to this low keyed event as long as SVT Garage members will be present.....


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