Saturday, May 12, 2012

"Cruisin’ with the Dawgs" Lebanon, TN Saturday May 12, 2012

"Cruisin’ with the Dawgs" Lebanon, TN Saturday May 12, 2012 


 I sent an email asking about classes... This is what I got back.

Registration is from 10-12 with awards at 3
It will be a judged event. At the same time we are having our "Fun in the Sun" event with games, food, live and silent auctions. Here are the classes

Production All Vehicles to 1931
Production All Vehicles 1932 - 1950
Production All Vehicles 1951 - 1970
Production All Vehicles 1971 - 1986
Production All Vehicles 1986 and up
Chevrolet 1955 - 1957
Modified Slightly to 1986
Designated Sports Cars to 1986
Trucks 1956 - 1986
Trucks 1987 and up
Street Rods
Rat Rod



This show had great potential for a great day..........D*mn weather!

Not many people at all......Maybe 20 cars showed up. Really hated to see that. They had free "blow up" type stuff for the kids. Jousting ring for the kids. Even had a climbing wall. Great food options (wasn't free of course).

Only three of us showed up with Mustangs. I took 2nd in comparison to a Roush "Black Jack" that took a very well deserved 1st. The only other Mustang was a Roush 427 R and he pulled 3rd.

Brand X got 1st over a '67 Camaro. The '67 was a gear heads dream. Had a big block with an 8-71 blower. For those that don't know......the 8-71 blower is unbelievably huge!

"All-in-all" wasn't a bad day. Just wasn't a great day. The temp was perfect but the occasional drizzle, kept me busy. Brand X also manage to lock my keys in the car after rolling up the windows becasue of ran...big thumbs up on that

I didn't take many pictures today...actually forgot to take any of our cars. But, I did grab a shot of the other two Roush's before we left.

This was the 2nd time I have run into "Bill" the owner of the Black Jack Roush. Fantastic guy. I'm sure if any of you have the pleasure to meet'll agree he is great company. He is an older retired aviation gentlemen.


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